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Saving the Visual Arts-Essay by John M. Gordon

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New Masters Gordon School of Art

Home-Study and Studio Art Instruction for Children and Adults-Teacher Training

The New Masters™ curriculum is a rigorous system of instruction that makes professional level accuracy in drawing and painting available to all students regardless of their ages or skill levels prior to enrollment.The Old Boots

In this system, the tasks of drawing and painting have been broken down into steps so small and arranged into sequences so logical that anyone -- even those with below normal abilities -- can follow and master them, even to the highest levels.

The curriculum is mastery-based. Students are expected to master each step before moving on to the next and are provided the means to do so: proven instructional methods that help them identify and solve all of the problems that prevent or delay the mastery of a skill.

New Masters Art

The New Masters™ curriculum follows the direct-perception tradition. Students learn by drawing and painting what they see, as they see it -- duplicating artists’ originals with a high degree of accuracy before moving on to the greater challenges of drawing and painting directly from life. Click here for summaries of each level and examples of student work.


New Masters private lessons are available for children ages six and up or for anyone who prefers private lesson over classroom instruction. (Age exceptions will be made based on the parent’s conception of their child’s maturity and capability)

Lessons are 30 minutes in length. Students will be given assignments to do at home between lessons. The tuition for one four lesson block is $60. For more information call 1-800-210-1220 or e-mail Gordon school of art at: gordon@newmasters.com.

John Gordon

Director, Gordon School of Art
New Masters™ Art Curriculum

N651 Norman Road, Kewaunee, WI 54216 • 1-800-210-1220
Email: gordon@newmasters.com

Home-Study and Studio Art Instruction for Children and Adults-Teacher Training